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This week on Adventure Mode, Brandon and Dustin discus what’s next for Rockstar Games after a resume leak mix up. With Red Dead Redemption 2 already on the Horizon, what does the future of Grand Theft Auto look like? Dustin is pumped for a Persona 5 anime in Japan. The Switch is selling like crazy, and titles like Arms, Zelda, and Mario Kart are selling really well too.  Two hot new indie titles Pyre and Sundered are now available for purchase.  PS Plus games for August are now announced,  get ready to check out Just Cause 3! Destiny 2’s beta had a successful run on Xbox One and PS4, but the PC Beta will hit at the end of August.

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Gaming news. Relevant discussion. Unapologetically off topic.

Author: Dustin Furman

Dustin first started making videos by making Kingdom Hearts music videos set to Linkin Park songs when he was 10. Now, he works full time producing videos and is obsessed with Persona. Started the #BringBackTomba movement.

You can follow Dustin on Twitter @DustinCanFly

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