Goldeneye Descendants That Need to Make a Comeback

Goldeneye changed video games forever. With the game’s release on the Nintendo 64, the competitive multiplayer first person shooter was born. Rare gave us the granddaddy of them all when they released this gem back in 1997. Like any grandfather, Goldeneye would go on to have multiple children and grandchildren – two of which we’ll touch on in this article. These are two game series that deserve to see a comeback.

First and foremost, Perfect Dark. Perfect Dark was Goldeneye perfected. It took the best things from the game and amped them up to eleven. The game was the crown jewel of the N64 in the minds of a lot of people. How many countless hours did most of us spend fighting turtle sims along with our best friends all in the comfort of one living room? Perfect Dark took full advantage of the expansion pack that the system required for some of the later games to play. Thanks to the expansion and the growing technology of the time, we all knew exactly how much of our lives we poured into this game. The memory card would store all of your stats and this became a badge of honor between you and your friends. My fondest gaming memories are playing Perfect Dark in high school and I know a lot of gamers would love to relive those memories.

While we did get a follow up on the Xbox 360, though Perfect Dark Zero was not a terrible game, it failed to live up to the original in almost every way. Now is the time for this beloved franchise to return.

The other game that developers of Goldeneye went on to create was Time Splitters. Time Splitters was everything that Perfect Dark Zero wasn’t. Free Radical Design gave us the most interesting cast of characters in a game that side of Overwatch. Time Splitters not only had incredibly addictive multiplayer, it had an interesting campaign as well. With the time travel aspect you could literally find yourself anywhere within the past, present or future. With the cartoonish visuals, Time Splitters stood out in a crowded genre.

There was a follow up to Time Splitters Future Perfect in the works, but unfortunately, like a lot of great ideas, it never saw the light of day. It is time for Crytek to bring this series back. I know the majority of their time is spent working on and promoting their own IP’s, but they have a diamond in the rough with the Time Splitters franchise and need to cash out ASAP.

Goldeneye may have started it all, but Perfect Dark and Time Splitters perfected the equation – pun intended. First person shooters have drifted more towards the Call of Duty and Battlefield direction as of late but it is high time these series and even the James Bond license itself made a comeback. So let’s take to the streets and make it known that we want what we want and make it happen!

Author: Phil Neyman

Philip is better at buying video games than he is at playing them. He was once told “it must suck to love something so much and be so terrible at it.” As a boy he would write terrible poems about himself and Ross Perot. He enjoys the best and worst of all forms of media, but nothing in the middle. Puyo Puyo Tetris has almost caused unreconcilable differences between him and his wife. He’s never had a hangover, but not from lack of trying.

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