Handsome Phantom Is Looking For Writers!

The Handsome Phantom team is expanding!

Handsome Phantom has a quickly growing and expanding audience, and we’re looking to put out even more content. If you’re passionate about games and have a knack for writing, we’d love to hear from you.

We’re looking for all forms of writing about games, such as previews, reviews, opinions, listicles and more. If it has to do with gaming, we’re interested!

Whether you have experience or not, we want you to apply if you think you have a knack for writing, and know that you have a deep love for video games. You’ll have a lot of freedom on what you write, but we may also assign certain topics based on what interests you have expressed.

Handsome Phantom publishes written content Monday through Friday. If you apply, we ask that you would commit to two (2) articles of some type per month at a minimum.

At this point, Handsome Phantom is not offering paid positions for our part-time writers. We can offer opportunity, exposure, and occasionally even some free games to review, with the hopes that we’ll someday be able to offer more permanent positions.

If you’re interested in writing for us, send a writing sample to our Editor-In-Chief, Ben Smith, at  BenS@Handsomephantom.com


Author: Ben Smith


Ben has been playing video games since he had a bottle in his hand. Whether that bottle was full of milk or Kentucky’s finest bourbon is for you to figure out. He’s owned every major console but most of them only as a pathetic excuse for an adult. Ben loves playing games when he’s not spending time with his wife and two kids or otherwise occupied with eating cake.

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